About Us

Curriculum and Infrastructure


We believe that “learning” is a joyful journey of discovery that demands the active participation of the child. With this in mind, we are providing our students with a child-centric ambience where they learn through observation and fun activities, in addition to an inquiry-based approach to learning. The school follows ICSE curriculum in a very refined way which challenges and addresses to adopt a new paradigm of education for the 21st century. The Curriculum at St. Andrews World School assimilates the best from the Indian education system, with a great emphasis on nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. We ensure that a child acquires the best knowledge when learning in the context of a real-world subject, in addition to the creative exploration.

A classroom is a learning space, a room in which both children and adults learn. The classroom is found in an educational institution for training and to earn the learning concept. A proper size board, comfortable furniture, a sufficient number of fans is available in each classroom. There is the proper ventilation spacious garden to prove them fresh air and natural sunlight.

It is a zone where the teachers sit in their free periods and make futuristic strategies for the betterment of the students. Copy correction and lesson planning are also done here.

It is well cut, fully developed and a good size hall. It supplies a fabulous environment for all official meetings. Projectors, computers and other equipment are making it a place where the technology runs to produce successful presentations and discussions.

An auditorium is a room built to enable an audience to hear and watch a performance at venues such as theatres fully-fledged auditorium is adding a feather in St. Andrews World School.

Singing and Music play an important role in our culture. You will find the music present in many aspects of our lives. Theatre, television, movies, worship, holiday, celebration, and government and military ceremonies at home. Here students discover an interest in music education such as music lessons for kids by the dedicated and devoted music teachers.